Athlete’s Foot Ointment, 2 oz

If your feet need extra love and care, this Athlete’s Foot Ointment is the ultimate solution for dry and cracked feet. With regular use, you will see a big improvement in the condition of your feet, achieving smoother and healthier feet. This ointment is good for any type of skin. Check out our other Well-Being products here.



Coconut oil, Cocoa butter, Sesame oil, Lanolin, Zinc oxide, Salicylic acid
This product is free from: phthalates, sulfates, parabens, gluten, cruelty, and chemicals


How to use:
Good for all skin types. Apply as needed, gently rub the lotion on the body in a circular motion. Don’t rub or dab too harshly on your skin. Apply very gently and let it absorb naturally. Be cautious when applying near the eyes, open wounds, cuts, or bruises, as irritation can occur. Keep out of reach of children. Check the list of ingredients for allergies. For external use only.


Net weight: 2 oz (56 g)


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