Unscented Bar Lotion, 1 oz

This Unscented Bar Lotion is the ultimate triple threat. It is moisturizing, compact, and unscented. If you frequently wash your hands, restore the moisture back to your hands with this moisturizing bar lotion. It is also the perfect compact size lotion for your purse, and can even fit into small clutches. In addition, if you are sensitive to scents, then this unscented lotion will not irritate your senses. This bar lotion is uniquely formulated with 4 natural plant oils and vitamins from 3 types of butters. As a result, it will leave your skin looking moisturized, radiant, and healthy. See the results for yourself – your healthy, radiant skin will thank you. You can also check out our other Body Care products here.



Infused Annato seed oil, Sunflower seed oil, Coconut seed oil, Sesame seed oils, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Mango butter, Candelilla wax, Unscented
This product is free from: phthalates, sulfates, parabens, gluten, cruelty, and chemicals


How to use:
Good for all skin types. Apply as needed, gently rub the lotion on the body in a circular motion. Be cautious when applying near the eyes, open wounds, cuts, or bruises, as irritation can occur. Keep out of reach of children. Check the list of ingredients for allergies. For external use only.


Net weight: 1 oz (28 g)


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